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Ryan Osheim: Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Songwriting


Ryan, born Jan 5th, 1972, started playing harmonica at the tender age of 18, using one that his Grandmother gave him. He taught himself and developed his unique style by playing along with Muddy Waters recordings. Not too long afterwards, he took up the guitar and, by playing with other people and absorbing things on the fly, has turned himself into a pretty decent rhythm player. Recently he's even measuring himself against Matt's position as lead player! Watch out!

Ryan has written 14 of the original songs in ZigZag's repertoire, and strong songs they are, too! Sometimes playing harmonica, sometimes rhythm guitar and, when we bitch at him enough, both in the same song, Ryan's filling most of the middle register, acting as the string and horn sections of our weensy orchestra.

Ryan's harp playing caught the ear of our friends in Mississippi Cactus, one of Milwaukee's top rock acts, some time ago. He has joined them on stage numerous times and appears on their second CD, "Frank and Irene".

Ryan's greatest claim to fame, however, is as anonymous fan harmonica player in the "Campground Set - Set 3" on String Cheese Incident's fan website. Yep, that's our boy!

In late 2004, Ryan found himself unable to maintain the rigorous rehearsal and performance schedule that ZigZag maintained and decided to withdraw from the band. Well, that's the story we're telling, anyway...............