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Matt Roslund: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

8/18/1970 - Dropped into this world headfirst in E.Lansing, MI but raised in Milwaukee,WI on the other side of the pond. Yes, that's where they make beer, and lots of it. Studied piano and saxophone throughout school, but didn't pick up a guitar until age 18. Under the tutelage of many different friends/teachers - actually learned how to play the thing without seriously offending anyone.
After moving around some, settled firmly back in Milwaukee...for the beer of course...never leave the source!!!
Bounced around in local Grateful Dead/Phish cover bands until meeting the future members of ZigZag and being forcefed the "original music is better!" mantra...still waiting for it to pay off...financially that is...I'm almost out of beer.


2 amazing Matt-facts that can be derived from this picture:
Notice the sweat...I must be playing really intensely to garner that level of moisturization!
Also..notice I don't use a plectrum in my picking must have fallen in my beer.