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David Taffet: Bass, Vocals, Songwriting

2/19/50 - Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Sacramento, CA. Bought his first guitar after returning from VietNam and was self-taught until 1975, when he met Jerry Brogden, an excellent jazz guitarist from Minnesota, and from whom he got his first lessons in theory and in systematic study of music. Moved from Ashland, OR to Milwaukee to attend the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, from which institution he graduated, in 1986, with a BA in Jazz Composition and Arranging.

Founder of PixelSync Media Services, a computer and digital media consultation company. Recently released a self-produced DVD, Totally Grasp Harmony: Guitar Instruction for the Serious Improvisor.

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In addition to his media and music activities, David teaches a course in meditation at Orlanu Therapies, 11057 N. Towne Square Rd. in Mequon, WI, Tuesdays at 6:30 PM. The cost is $65 for 5 weeks. For further information, contact David via this web site or Orlanu at 262-241-7887 or go to